About the Author

I volunteer this information about myself, not necessarily to make friends, but to put a more human aspect to words on the web.  Names are all over these pages, I have over 5700 so far in this data base and increase that number nearly every night as I meet new cousins who are willing to submit their information.  Although it is exciting to add more names, it is more fascinating to find out about the people who left their names for us to find.  They are the substance we are made of and I like to think that we live up to their genes.

    I had no idea I came from such a diverse background, ethnically speaking.  I imagine as time goes on, the list of the different "countries" blood in our veins will continue to grow.  We are not a "stay-at-home" world any more and we seem to move more and more.  As a United States citizen who has had the oportunity to both live outside the country, right next to two other countries' borders,  I am more than satisfied that this is the best country in the world in which to live, at this point in history.  It is far from a perfect  country, there are major problems that may never be overcome, but on the whole, it is about the best that I have witnessed for both government and enviroment. Unfortunately, many people take this country for granted.  To them I say, go live somewhere else for at least 3 years and see if your attitude doesn't change.

L. "Kandi" Anderson

    I was raised an "Air Force brat".  My father was a "lifer" having put in 23 years before his retirement in 1973.  I was raised accepting that there were rules governing every aspect of our lives, as the military has very well established.  After a brief stint in the Air Force myself, in electronics, I first experienced "civilian life" with the extremes of broadcasting.  From regulations controlling everything from haircuts to clothing, I went to work in a land of audio illusion, ego and greed.  Once I was fired because the general manager of the station had a fight with his girlfriend and fired all the women at the station.  Would sound like an act of sex discrimination, eh? " Loophole", said the EEOC...the station had less than "X" number of full-time employees...can't help.  One station dumped the program director's jobs on me so he would have more time to boff the girl in the front office.....isn't life strange?

    I am admittedly "outside the norm".  I am a fairly slender grandmother who looks 30 something.  In fact, the last time I got together with my siblings, it was apparent that life was not being too physically kind to them and I could have easily been the youngest instead of the oldest.  But I also believe it's how we let life get to us, how satisfied with the type of person we are, how satisfied with where we are, that helps determine our physical and emotional well-being.  I am quite the woman of principles, which often gets me in great trouble.  I do not blindly follow any principle, teaching, ordinance or idea without knowing for a fact that it is right and meaningful in my life.  I am incredibly opposed to the waste of the earth's resources and actively go the extra mile to insure that I buy recycled products, recycle products and avoid toxic, non-recyled, non-recyclable products.  I design my own houses, alter my houses to become as efficient as possible and conserve energy.  I don't just talk about it and it makes me very angry to see people not doing the same.  This planet is not ours.  It was here before we came and we have no right to destroy it for the sake of our momentary convenience.  Because of the state of the world, I do not believe in a Christian "God" as surely a god would be mortified to see/allow the destruction of his planet by such self absorbed creatures as man.  That is not to say that I do not believe men do not have what can only be termed "a soul" because of that I am sure.  I believe the "spark" that gives life is the most precious thing in eternity...yet almost valuless in some societies.

To be continued