We come in all shapes and sizes...the shortest adult is 4'9", the tallest is 6'7", but it doesn't matter because our hearts couldn't be any bigger when it comes to love!

The youngest family member was born in March 2000.  His name is Liam Mosher.

His Momma  

Despite my lack of ability to convert pictures properly, she really is a fine looking mother of my grandchild...in fact, she modeled in the Boston area for about 5 years before becoming a mom (and is available for freelance work at a family discount).  She goes by "Jen", is simply brilliant (no family modesty here, eh?) and is a slight 6'3" tall!

His sister, Arianna  

She IS precocious!  Big beautiful eyes and a smile that will melt ya!  Except when it's past her nap time.  Arianna is three years old.

His Granddaddy, Joe

The man with all the creative talent in the family is the one and only Joe McLane(y), professional copywriter and award-winning audio commercial production guy.  The third generation of the name, Joe is an exceedingly friendly person with little sense of compass directions.  He is dearly loved and with good reason....there is no better or loyal friend.

His Uncle Joey

The fourth of his name, Joey McLaney is an extremely outgoing, well behaved young man who loves to sing, dance and entertain (could it be because both his folks are in broadcasting?).  He was walking at 10 months, had a vocabulary of  about 75 words at 12 months and hasn't shut up since!  Since BIRTH, he has ALWAYS slept with one leg crossed over the other....strange.  He was 3 in this picture in 1996.

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